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Think Hi-Tech for Your Next Home Addition

Think Hi-Tech for Your Next Home Addition

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We know know there is a lot to think about when it comes to your residential renovation. One item you might want to add to the “think about list” when doing a room addition is technology. Even though you might think it isn’t an important feature to consider in the beginning stages, it actually is!

Since most of us use technology daily, you are probably aware that it is a growing trend in the building and remodeling industry. It is growing at a rapid pace and this includes technology for the home.

The advent of the smartphone and wireless technology has also bolstered the home tech industry.  Home automation, particularly at an entry level, is becoming much more affordable. With the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets, a majority of consumers now own a control interface that just a few years ago cost tens of thousands of dollars. You are now able to operate many systems of your home from your smartphone.

Research shows that the home automation industry, which ranges from basic home theaters and speaker systems to whole-house connectivity, has grown an average of 8% a year for the last several years and is continuing its upward trend. Knowing this, it is important to consider all and any technology you might like to see in your room addition, so we can help you get set up properly before the walls go up.

User comfort with technology is increasing, and the opportunity for integration is everywhere. But even as systems become more affordable, they can still be pricey. Whether it’s weeks later or years down the road, waiting to discuss connected home features after a home remodeling project is finished will end up costing clients thousands more, and we know you don’t want that!

It is estimated that the wiring for home automation costs about four times more to do later, when you have to tear out the walls, than it costs to do up front, so we want to ensure we’re doing everything in our client’s best interest.

Installing the wiring from the get-go also allows homeowners to add technology in phases that may fit better with their needs and budgets.

For these reasons, remodelers and builders, like us, need to bring up the topic of home automation early on. In fact, one of the biggest mistakes contractors make with regard to home automation is waiting too late to think about it. Even basic lighting programs require the right types of fixtures to be installed so that they can all communicate with each other.

Whatever home automation you might be looking into, when we do your new room addition we will make sure we discuss all of your options.